UsTech™ Discovery LLC assists in commercialization of unique intellectual property (IP) from developing economies.

UsTech™ partners with world leading innovators, including public & private corporations, universities, technology incubators, and private inventors who have developed exceptional IP with strong prospects for commercial value.

The purpose of UsTech™ is to identify scientific and technological innovations with the highest potential for commercial use. The company then pursue to develop, capitalize and commercialize these technologies both in the country of origin and globally.

UsTech™ creates and implements viable commercialization strategy in the shortest period of time possible:

  • IP Valuation and Strategy Consulting – we offer consulting services to assess IP valuation and advisory services to buyers and sellers of IP.
  • IP Licensing – we enable owners of strong IP to extract maximum value through commercial licensing deals with market leaders in a wide variety of industries.
  • Fundraising and business creation – we provide fundraising expertise to enable IP owners to attract startup capital to build new lines of business 

UsTech™ Discovery LLC is a strategic partner with